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Prizes and fellowships

Dick Heinegård European Young Investigator Award

This award, created to commemorate the work of the matrix biologist Dick Heinegård, is given biannually at MBE meeting the most promising young matrix biologist from across Europe. Each affiliated European Matrix Biology Society will hold its own competition to select a nominee for the Award. Names and details of the nominee should be notified by each Society to the Conference Organizer. Applicants working in European Countries that do not have an affiliated MBE/FECTS Society can apply directly to the Conference Organizer. The host Organizing Committee will select one applicant from these other applications to participate in the main competition. The Conference Organizing Committee will then appoint a neutral chairman of the Young Investigator Awards Committee and 2 other judges (from the international speakers) to consider each nomination and select the 6 strongest for presentation during the Young Investigator Award Session of the Conference. Nominees that are not included in final competition session will be given an oral presentation in an appropriate Workshop. The Awards committee will then select the winner of The Dick Heinegård MBE Young Investigator Award based on the overall quality of the science and the oral presentation. Candidates for this Award should have no more than 5 years postdoctoral research experience. They should apply by sending their CV including publications and an abstract of the work to be presented at the MBE Conference to the relevant Society.

The name, CV and abstract of the nominees should be sent to florence.ruggiero@ens-lyon.fr and sylvie.ricard-blum@univ-lyon1.fr on April, 30th 2024 at the latest.


The Rupert Timpl award from the International Society for Matrix Biology (ISMB)





This award to outstanding young investigators in the field of Matrix Biology is given biannually by the ISMB, and the Awardee gives the Rupert Timpl lecture during the MBE meeting. Nominations for holders of the Rupert Timpl (young scientists) are accepted from all members of the International Society for Matrix Biology, and the awardees chosen amongst these nominations by ISMB Council. Holders of the Rupert Timpl award are elected on the basis on the basis of (I) age up to 40 years + allowance for career breaks, (II) having published the best paper in Matrix Biology over the previous two calendar years and (III) showing evidence of starting out an independent career in Matrix Biology.

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